Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Agnostic Christian Reformed Church
One of my students is "co-founding-pastor" of The Agnostic Christian Reformed Church, a new group on MSN. Here's the manifesto:

"We do not aim at a conclusion but an opening. We do not seek a closure but an opening up." - John D. Caputo

Welcome to this group, I suppose. The Agnostic Christian Reformed Church was an insidious and nebulous idea, forged by myself and the Church’s cofounder, Sir Trevor Tuininga, Esq. Thus far, it has proven to be a classical example of one of my great ideas: a fantastic name with fantastic hopes attached to it, but without any real goal orpragmatic manifestation in sight. Hopefully, the formation of this group will be a step in a different direction… a motion forward into life, as it were. With any luck, the scope of conversation will broaden somewhat, and ideas will manifest themselves on this board; hopefully, this will provide a forum for discussion that the insecurities of ortho-doxy cannot allow… life must remain both alive and believable.

Gods be praised if anything constructive or even mildly entertaining comes of this,

Daniel tells me that (in the spirit of Derridian openness) all contributions--even I assume "ortho-dox" ones--are welcome.

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Daniel Booy said...

Yup, go nuts folks... orthodoxes as well as necessary-heretics like myself are welcome here.