Friday, December 02, 2005

Pray for Christian Peacemakers in Iraq

I've just received the following from Louise Slobodian at CPJ:

Citizens for Public Justice is responding to the call from Christian Peacemaker Teams to write statements of support for their organization and, particularly, their four colleagues held in Iraq: James Loney, Tom Fox, Norman Kember and Harmeet Sooden.

CPT is asking organizations to distibute these statements widely and especially where we have contacts in the Middle East.


Citizens for Public Justice supports the work of solidarity, witness and presence of the Christian Peacemaker Teams in areas of the world affected by conflict.

As a Christian public policy organization, based in Canada, we share the convictions of Christian Peacemaker Teams that faith demands action for justice and for peace. In Canada and elsewhere, there are people who believe that those who act from faith have a goal of converting others to Christianity or that faith is used to hide other motives. That is not our motive and it is not the motive of Christian Peacemaker Teams. Instead, faith calls us to work for peace and justice for all.

We have full confidence in the motives and actions of CPT as coming from faith and moral convictions and acting solely in the interests of peace and humanity. The four members held captive are honourable people. They are not spies. They deeply oppose the war. They have never acted in the interests of the countries which brought war. They have acted only in the interests of peace and supporting those affected by war.

Citizens for Public Justice also opposed the war in Iraq which began in 2003. We wrote to the Prime Minister of Canada to tell him so. We wrote, "As a Christian organization committed to peace and justice for all people, we experience deep spiritual distress over the prospect of this war in Iraq. We do not believe this war is just." Christian Peacemaker Teams go much further in their convictions about peace and offering support to those who endure lethal conflict.

Citizens for Public Justice is holding in prayer: James Loney, Norman Kember, Harmeet Sooden and Tom Fox. We hold in prayer the members of the Swords of the Righteous Brigade. We hold in prayer the people of Iraq who have endured so much. And we hold in prayer Christian Peacemaker Teams and all those working for peace, especially those willing to risk their lives to do so.

In peace, for all at Citizens for Public Justice,
Louise Slobodian

CPT's Iraq website is

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